MLC Centre
— Christmas.

When our client asked us to create a unique take on Christmas 2016, we approached this by asking ‘What, traditionally, is Christmas?’. In Sydney Christmas has always been different to the rest of the world — it means summertime fun complete with the food and family activities associated with the season. MLC Centre’s ‘A White Christmas — The Season Inspired’ campaign set out to take the traditional notions of a white Christmas and express a Sydney version of it.

A white Christmas
— Sydney style.

In the delivery of this we created assets and content across print, in-centre VM, eDM and social engagement, making the overall campaign experience cohesive across all touch points. With strong roots in editorial across the team we were able to deliver compelling content — a beautifully crafted Broadsheet was one outcome of this. These in-house capabilities allowed us to easily create, edit, design, write and produce all aspects of the project.