— identity.

Behind the closed doors of a charming historical building on Collins Street, an 80-year tradition was being upheld. The space within No.74 was designed to whet the appetites of potential partners; an invitation to join QIC on a pioneering new approach to retail that focused on experience rather than transactional outcome.

The building itself was renowned for it’s fashion legacy, that former owner Lilian Whightman left behind with her eponymous store Le Louvre, coining the term “The Paris end of Collins Street”. eskimo designed a brand identity of disruption, blended with the legacy of Parisian opulence.

The street windows were blackened, defaced with gold-dripped statements of revolution. Then they were reimagined over two years with three luxurious experiential ‘Acts’.

The contemporary website juxtaposed stationery gold pressed by the last known gilder in Australia. Tradition versus rebellion.