July 2024
Brands that take risks
— and it works!

Bravery, acting courageously, boldly, fearlessly. What does this mean for brands?

Tactics like amping up the shock factor, or perhaps making a statement on a political or social issue, are sure to get attention. Bravery in this order can start conversations, spark debates, and garner publicity worth many times the original media spend.

Bending the rules – or outright breaking them – can also be effective. Nudity on Facebook? Sure, in the name of preventing breast cancer. Nudity showcasing many different body types, not your standard model? Absolutely if you’re a beauty product or underwear brand who wants to break the stereotypes and talk to “real” women.

What about an ad that’s not an ad at all? What if it’s a film? Groudbreaking at the time, European car marque BMW commissioned famous movie directors to make a series of short films for the brand. Since the advent of YouTube and streaming, the film format is open for more brands to make longer, bolder, funnier, clever statements about themselves.

Have you considered what bravery means for your brand?